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The Wisdom Daily: Getting Real About the Black Experience May 21, 2015

"...Curing the disease of racism is not about changing hardcore racists. It's about the vast majority - the silent majority (most of us in this country) - understanding the lived experiences of our fellow human beings and citizens. Our minds are not changed because of intellectual arguments; as important as such arguments are, they come later. We change once we identify and empathize with the pain and the humanity of the other..."

The Wisdom Daily: Coexisting Beyond Bumper Stickers May 19, 2015

"...It's not that commitment to coexistence means "no boundaries ever." We all need boundaries, as much as we also need to transcend them. And political passion (like passion in general), is a good thing. However, shouldn't we be able to agree that invoking God to curse others, no matter how wrong you think they are, is pretty much always out of bounds? Especially when it's the kind of baseless group hate expressed by the blue "Jesus" sticker..."

CELEBRATING BRIT SHALOM is Released May 18, 2015

...Rabbi Irwin Kula has endorsed the book and says, "Celebrating Brit Shalom will help thousands of people and no doubt open up new conversations of heart, mind and spirit"...


How do we forgive the ‘Peeping Tom’ rabbi? Can we? May 14, 2015

"...unlike in some spiritual communities, Judaism holds that sins against God can be atoned by God, but sins against other humans cannot be forgiven until the offender takes action to fix it. Judaism specifies that an offender must admit his or her sin, in words, out loud before God; confess the sin publicly; apologize to the wronged party; offer restitution (where possible); and abandon the sinful behavior.

Rabbis Without Borders in the Field: Renewing Disruptive Innovation May 14, 2015

"...We inherit a 2,000-year legacy of disruptive innovation – not change for its own sake, haphazard or unfaithful, but careful and principled when (in Reb Zalman’s computer-ese) Jewish “system files” need upgrades to keep the spiritual motherboard running strong. The path of innovation is built into Jewish life. Reb Zalman and Christensen both taught that disruptive innovators can’t rest on their laurels: shift happens. Only God is eternal.

The Wisdom Daily: Can Social Entrepreneurs Repair the World? May 14, 2015

"...My favorite commandment is tikun olam, repair the world. It's the single commandment that I feel has the potential to change the nature of humanity, and to unleash opportunities for all people to flourish. Perhaps social entrepreneurship is the modern halacha that guides us to enact tikun olam.

Rabbi Andrew Hahn, the Kirtan Rabbi, In Concert at the Jewish Home in New York City May 13, 2015

Co-sponsored by Romemu, Andrew Hahn, The Kirtan Rabbi, along with Shoshana Jedwab, Taylor Bergren-Chrisman join for a multi-generational chanting on Sunday, May 17 from 2:30 - 4:00pm. The event is free and open to the public.

For more information about the concert, contact Tammy Marshall at or 212-870-4663.

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The Wisdom Daily: New Research: Christianity on Decline May 13, 2015

"...How exciting - institutional religion with metaphysical maps, theologies, creeds, dogmas, and beliefs (that are simply wrong scientifically, philosophically, psychologically, and experientially) is weakening, as individuals feel more empowered to seek meaning and purpose across all boundaries.

The Wisdom Daily: A Turning Point for Faith in America? May 13, 2015

"Across the U.S., people are talking about the latest in religious news: According to research, numbers keep trending down among the most popular sects of institutional Christianity in America. Many wonder what this means about the role of faith in our communities and our private lives. While I believe atheism is not on the rise, and interest among individuals who seek spiritual fulfillment remains as vibrant as ever, the upshot is this: "If you believe in tradition, figure out how to use it in new and creative ways."...

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Epichorus’s sound is as diverse as its penchant for weaving musical legacies May 8, 2015

"How wide to let things stray — that’s the question in world music,” says composer and oud player Zach Fredman, the founder of the Epichorus, a Judeo Arabic retro-folk ensemble. You can see why the question has been on Fredman’s mind.

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