What is the relationship between religion and violence?
Must your faith tradition be wrong in order for mine to be right?
What is the role of God in a democratic society?

Season I, Building Bridges: Abrahamic Perspectives on the World Today. This popular series which premiered in November 2006 on Bridges Television (American Muslim TV Network), looks at these and other vital questions about the role of religion in America today. Conceived by CLAL President Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, this landmark program brought religious leaders together from the three major faiths to answer the tough questions dividing our country and world. From religion and violence, to abortion, to the place of women, the series asked leaders to probe their own traditions for insights on the big issues to create a new listening, understanding, and foundation for bridge building.

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Hopes and Dreams
Each of the three Abrahamic traditions has a picture of the "good ending," a picture of a perfected or redeemed world. In this episode we share those images of the end-time, as a vision of the world to which we aspire, and a map that can lead us there. Together we will consider how our hopes for the future can shape our behaviors in the present, and challenge ourselves to create that world for which we all hope, by living it as much as possible right now.?

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